Blackbridge Team

Alexander Jarvis


Alexander Jarvis is the Chairman of Blackbridge Cross Borders (Blackbridge) since 2013. Alexander’s core role is structuring, advising and facilitating arbitrages, transnational business transactions, inbound-outbound Investment in China along with managing the Blackbridge team and its associates across Europe, Central Asia, and East Asia. His mission is predominantly the brokering of outbound investments for Chinese top high net worth individuals and privately-owned conglomerates in the following sectors; sports, financial services and real-estate.

Blackbridge under Alexander’s leadership has rapidly expanded in China with successful projects completed ranging in size from ¥50 million to ¥1,200 million with the largest multi sector deal executed on behalf of a leading European Investment bank. Alexander’s team under mandate with several Chinese conglomerates is acquiring large real-estate holdings and European football clubs.

Prior to Blackbridge’s creation, Alexander had been involved globally in a multitude of projects across a diverse range of industries, most notably within the financial sector. Alexander is the first British entrepreneur and financier to set up a football focused investment company to assist Chinese investors in acquiring European Football Clubs, Sports Conglomerates and Football Agency’s.

Laurie Pinto


Laurie pinto has had a long and distinguished career in banking with cross border investment and structuring his leading edge. Laurie started in the banking industry in the early 80s and has worked in a variety of senior roles. More recently he has been involved with building and then selling his interest in his investment business to Everbrite SHK.

Laurie had been consistently active in the cross border space with a particular focus on structuring and optimisation of capital in transactions in China, US, and Europe. Currently, Laurie is working to create value where he sees undervalued assets in the football industry advising Blackbridge on Premier League, La Liga and Ligue 1 M&A deals.

Jorge H. Martins

South America Adviser

Jorge H. Martins is a Strategic Adviser to Blackbridge and works alongside Blackbridge’s Chairman on projects across Europe and South America.

Notable projects have been identifying football club investment targets in France, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Hungary, England and Spain. Jorge leads Blackbridge’s Brazil operation and sources Investment opportunities for Blackbridge clients.

Prior to joining Blackbridge, Jorge set up Lowe Sports a company managing the careers of professional sportsmen, led by fellow agent Rodrigo Paco Costa. It was founded in 2012 and currently has offices in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Jorge speaks fluent Portuguese and English.

Daniel Rivers

Legal Adviser

Daniel’s practice Bower Cotton Solicitors LLP spans several practice areas, focussing on multi-jurisdictional dispute resolution and commercial transactions. Daniel has acted for wide range of corporate, family office and private clients from a wide variety of jurisdictions. Daniel’s practice covers acting for individuals from Russia, Ukraine and the CIS in personal matters including advising on their personal structures and wealth management, family disputes, immigration and investments into the UK.

Daniel is a registered football intermediary and represents several footballers from overseas. Daniel has worked with investors in helping them secure sponsorship deals at English Football Clubs.

Daniel is engaged by Blackbridge and several Football Clubs as their legal counsel advising on development and commercial issues.

Gabriel C. Martins

Brazil Adviser

Gabriel C. Martins is an Adviser to Blackbridge and works alongside Blackbridge’s Chairman and Brazil team on projects across Europe and South America.

Notable projects have been identifying football club investment targets in England, Denmark and Spain. Gabriel profiles investment opportunities and builds football club and market reports covering transfer values, asset values, shareholder structures, matchday revenue, broadcasting revenue and sponsorship/commercial revenue.

Gabriel speaks fluent Portuguese, Spanish and English.