Blackbridge Team

Alexander S.W. Jarvis

Chairman of the Blackbridge Group

Alexander Jarvis is the Chairman of the Blackbridge Group since 2013. Alexander’s core role is structuring, advising and facilitating arbitrages, transnational business transactions, inbound-outbound Investment in China along with managing the Blackbridge team and its associates across Europe, South America and China.

Alexander's mission is predominantly the brokering of outbound investments for Chinese top high net worth individuals and privately-owned conglomerates in the following sectors; sports, clean-tech, financial services and real-estate.

Alexander was the first British financier to set up a football focused investment company to assist Chinese investors in acquiring European Football Clubs. Alexander has sold several football clubs to investors from the United States, India, China, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Jorge H. Martins

South America Adviser at Blackbridge CB

Gabriel C. Martins

Brazil Adviser at Blackbridge CB

Kevin Doran

UK Associate (Blackbridge CleanTech)

Stephen Thompson

UK (Scotland) Associate (Blackbridge CleanTech)

James Behan

UK Associate (Blackbridge CleanTech)

Martin Westney

UK Associate (Blackbridge CleanTech)

Dmitri Belcencov

Russia Associate (Blackbridge CleanTech)

Leonardo Limatola

Italy Associate (Blackbridge CleanTech)

Alex Iakovenko

Ukraine Associate (Blackbridge CleanTech)

Nikesh Patel

Uganda Associate (Blackbridge CleanTech)

Tiger Miller

United States Associate (Blackbridge CleanTech)