Blackbridge CleanTech J1


Blackbridge CleanTech Global (Holdings) Ltd (Blackbridge CleanTech) are actively launching the CleanTech J1 globally, which we believe may be a solution to enable business to operate safely with point of entry infection control insuring economies remain operational until a COVID-19 vaccine is in the market.

Blackbridge CleanTech are exclusively selling the CleanTech J1 to the Football and Sports Industry globally. Blackbridge CleanTech also holds exclusive rights in 28 countries across Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Africa.

The CleanTech J1 is a full-body disinfection channel facility. Persons using the facility will have a temperature check before entering an enclosed channel for the 15 second disinfection and sanitising procedures. CleanTech J1 has a 99.995% disinfection rate.

The CleanTech J1 has been developed in Hong Kong and certified for use there and is being operated in Hong Kong International Airport, AsiaWorld-Expo and in Hong Kong Government Administrative Buildings.

As CleanTech J1 rapidly expands operations and manufacturing capacity to combat the economic damage that the COVID-19 is inflicting. The CleanTech J1 has been featured all over the world from the BBC, Forbes, DailyMail, Business Insider, Aljazeera, Telegraph, Science Times to CNN.

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